Dennis B. Line

Originally hailing from Chicago'land' and a graduate of Ray College of Design, Dennis has been working in the graphic design business since 1990, with a focus on corporate freelance design, illustration and photography...he built a solid reputation in the industry. Dennis now dedicates himself fully to painting in his Arvada, Colorado studio.

Dennis' 'Glassism' style is a fusion of traditional stained glass design aesthetics and contemporary artistic craftsmanship featuring intricate patterns and hues. A symphony of color and light, where acrylic paint on hard board mimic the luminous beauty of stained glass with transparency and depth...'where vibrant colors dance and shimmer like sunlight through glass'.

As an active member of the Arvada community, Dennis continues to share his vibrant, detailed art with local residents and beyond. Some originals and screen prints are available at Ethan's Gallery and Outside The Box in Olde Town Arvada, CO.