'where vibrant colors dance and shimmer like sunlight through glass'...

Dennis' 'Glassism' style is a fusion of traditional stained glass design aesthetics and contemporary artistic craftsmanship featuring intricate patterns and hues. A symphony of color and light, where acrylic paint on hard board mimic the luminous beauty of stained glass with transparency and depth.

Originally hailing from Chicago'land' and a graduate of Ray College of Design, Dennis has been working in the graphic design business since 1990, with a focus on corporate freelance design, he built a solid reputation in the industry. Dennis now dedicates himself fully to painting in his Arvada, Colorado studio.

  • The Base and Frame

    Rigid, gessoed 1/4" hardboard. Frames are produced in house.

  • The Paint

    Acrylic paint applied with airbrushes, paintbrushes and ink pens.

  • The Design

    Graphic Design using thick bold lines and effective composition and color rhyming.